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York Region Spotlight: The Power of Writing

I had so much fun being interviewed for the York Region Spotlight episode this past Tuesday. The show was on The Power of Writing, and I was one of four panelists featured. I shared the spotlight with 12-year-old Zainab Rashid, author of Glass Swan, as well as fellow journalist Jeremy Grimaldi, and english and theatre student Kim Cumming. The host of the show, Victoria Coretti, asked us to share our individual writing experiences.

York Region Spotlight

In the first segment, Victoria and I chatted one-on-one. She asked me about my passion for the words, where I get my inspiration, as well as how I got into blogging and what tips I could offer other bloggers. We also talked about career highlights – including my interview with Margaret Atwood, and opportunities to get involved in writing communities like The Writers’ Community of York Region.

Here’s an Instagram-edited video offering a quick glimpse at the interview:

York Region Spotlight interview

We were then joined by Zainab and Jeremy in the second segment, and Kim in the third. It was a fun and relaxed atmosphere and despite my initial nerves that came along with the fact that the episode was aired live on RogersTV, once we got started it just felt like another coffee shop conversation.

Seeing that the target audience of the show is the teen demographic, a lot of the discussion was around starting out. We talked about how to approach writing at a young age – whether just as a hobby or if you’re looking to launch a career.¬†Victoria also asked me about the idea of starting up a community for young writers in the area (the WCYR is for adult members). This got me really excited, because I think it’s so important for youth to have a place to learn about how to improve their writing skills and explore the different avenues they can take to really make their dreams of becoming an author, journalist, blogger or professional writer come true.

The show will be available on and I believe it will eventually be posted on YouTube for those interested in watching. Once again I’d like to thank Victoria and York Region Spotlight for having me on the show and giving me the opportunity to share my love for the writing life!