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We Struggled to Conceive and I Found Myself Asking, “Why Me?”

MOTHERLY – I never knew how badly I wanted a baby of my own until my husband and I began struggling to conceive one.

We got married at what I consider to be a young age (I was 25, he was 27), but that didn’t stop people from (constantly) inquiring about the assumed next step – when we’d have kids.

The truth is, we were in no rush. We were happy with our lives; we traveled, checked things off our bucket lists, renovated our home, built our careers. We were going to start a family when we were ready; motherhood never felt urgent to me. I refused to feel pressured by societal expectations or the notorious tick-tock of my biological clock reminding me my ovaries have an expiration date.

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Charlotte is a writer, blogger and amateur photographer based out of Toronto with interests in positivity, creative muse, generational differences and the future of work. She has written for Zoomer Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post Canada and other Canadian publications. She currently blogs for a range of small and medium-sized businesses.