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The Social Media Comparison Trap

LOOK LOCAL – Many of us have been there before—scrolling through our social media feeds on our commute, or while waiting in line at the local coffee shop—getting lost in the news of a colleague’s latest promotion, or a friend’s picturesque vacation photos. Suddenly, we find ourselves comparing our own career paths, relationship statuses and financial circumstances to those displayed by our friends online.

The idea of social comparison is nothing new – but social media has heightened our awareness. It used to be that you had to pick up the phone, or drive to someone’s house, to find out how they’re doing; now, you can stay in touch with a simple double tap on their latest Instagram post.
Of course, what we see on social media rarely reflects what is truly going on in someone else’s life. And when we find ourselves comparing our real life stories to their perceived happiness, we always come up short. As Dave Ramsey says, “Never compare someone else’s highlight reel with your behind-the-scenes footage.”

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