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The One Thing You Need to Stop Doing on Social Media in 2015

“The details are details. They make the product. The connections, the connections, the connections. It will in the end be these details that give the product its life.” – Charles Eames

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Looking to enhance your brand presence on social media? Tired of flat lining follower counts? Sick of stagnant posts that get no engagement? Want to make the kinds of connections that convert?

Then stopping acting like a robot.

Yes, I said it. Your monotone tweets aren’t helping anyone – not your customers, not your followers, not the World Wide Web, and most definitely not your business.

Maybe you read a blog post a few months (or years) back in which the author suggested you could rock your social media in just 6 MINUTES A DAY! It may have gone something like this:

All you have to do is sync your Twitter and Facebook accounts, schedule a couple posts linking to articles you’re interested in, send a generic thank you tweet to your new followers and call it a day.

Well, I call bullshit.

First of all, nobody cares about all of the random titles you’re tweeting, where you link to another article and pretend it was hard work. Chances are, they have an RSS reader too.

What they really want is to get to know you.

There are thousands of other bakers, lawyers and real estate agents out there on social media – how are you going to set yourself about?

I’ll tell you how: by making a real connection.

This means showing personality and emotion. There’s a reason your customers and clients choose you, and it’s not because of what you read in the news that morning.

It’s time to take social media back to its initial purpose – to be social.

When you share posts about your day, or an opinion about an article, or a blog post about what you’ve learned doing what you do, your audience will get to know you, they’ll begin to appreciate you, and most importantly, they’ll start to trust you.

And in 2015, when we have hundreds of brands vying for our attention every day, trust goes a long way.

So stop acting like an automated machine, and start being yourself. Technology isn’t meant to replace human connection, but to make connections more accessible. By putting a little effort into it, you’ll find social media will begin to work for you in entirely new (and wonderful) ways.

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