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My Best Month of Self-Employment to Date


>Insert Justin Timberlake “It’s gonna be May” voice-over here.<

The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The trees are blossoming. And I just finished my best month of self-employment to date.

It’s time to grab that ice-cold spicy caesar and find a patio somewhere to sip it on.

Of course, I still have a full workday ahead but you better believe I’m aiming for a solid happy hour later this afternoon. Because if you don’t celebrate the (big and small) milestones along the way, then what’s the point, right?

I’m definitely ending the month on a high note this week. I’m working on setting up some really interesting client projects for the month(s) ahead. I’m finishing up the last class of my business writing course (this actually makes me kind of sad, but it’s an achievement nonetheless). Annnd we’re celebrating our six month anniversary at The Reply! Where does the time go?

Here’s a look at my progress on my Q2 goals so far:


✔ Find three new small business clients. (I told you, it’s been a good month!)
✔ Write for a new magazine/blog. (My story isn’t published yet, but it should be very soon).
✔ Launch podcast for The Reply. (We have our second episode coming soon, and I can’t wait to share it).
✔ Take a writing/marketing course. (And I’m SO GLAD I did. The course has been so worthwhile.)
✔ Blog at least twice a week for Web of Words.
✔ Build sponsorship plan for The Reply. (Our first draft is on the table, now we just have to put it in action.)
✗ Create an outline for biz e-book.
✔ Read #GirlBoss. (Loved it and totally recommend it.)
✔ Attend regular networking events.
✔ Join a new networking group.
✗ Host a workshop. (It’s in the works for May.)
✗ Give a social media presentation. (Also in the works for May.)


✔ Continue to track all personal spending.
✔ Automate finances. (Our retirement savings contributions each month are automated once again.)
✗ Open new bank accounts for specific savings goals.
✔ Contribute savings goals every month. (So far so good.)
✗ Get a new rewards credit card.
✔ Bring in an extra $400 on top of regular income in April (woohoo!).


✗ Workout three times per week. (Yikes. Need to step up my game. I’ve started running again but need to get back into my routine.)
✗ Schedule one date night per week. (Yeah, another fail. We’ll have to do better next month.)
✔ Take weekly trips to the trail with the dog.
✗  Eat more vegetables. (Kinda sorta, but I can do better.)
✗ Prep homemade lunches daily. (I’ve only missed a couple of days this month, but I guess that means no checkmark here.)
✔ No fast food.
✔ Plan cottage weekend getaway with friends.

Okay, so clearly my professional goals this month took priority (meaning personal goals took a bit of a backseat). I’ll have to work on finding a better balance in May. Overall though, I’m really happy with my progress this month. I definitely didn’t expect to check off the new clients goal already, so that’s a big bonus. Maybe I should be aiming for another three clients in May? It sounds like an audacious goal, but I’m up for the challenge. I also just registered for a 5k race at the end of May, so this should help me get back into my running routine.

It’s been a successful month, and my plan is to make May even better. Of course, there have been plenty of challenges along the way. But I’m learning and growing and continuing to move forward.

Have you made some progress on your goals this month? Any plans for the weekend ahead? Let me know in the comments below.