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How to Gain Exposure as an Aspiring Writer

Note: This is a guest post provided by Debra Johnson.

When it comes to having a successful writing career the name of the game is exposure. Writers have to effectively find ways to get their name out there to ensure that their work is actually read and that they’re not wasting their time writing to an empty room. One of the best ways to do that is to take advantage of the resources available on the internet, and luckily there are several sites available that are designed to help writers establish credibility within their niche market and gain more exposure; here are five ways to do so:

1.      TextbrokerTextbroker is a website that is geared at connecting people who need articles written with the writers who will write them. Upon applying to become a writer the website will grade writer on their writing expertise. A client will upload an article topic and the type of writer that they want based on the grading system that Textbroker assigns to the writers, and then writers who fit the criteria can come in and pick the topics they want to write about.

2.      Examiner– Examiner is a world-wide website that covers lifestyle, entertainment, and breaking news specific to your area. Examiners are chosen based on their niche and the demand needed for information on that particular area, giving the site a wide range of viewpoints and content. Examiners are hired based on their passion to share knowledge, and have the freedom to write as often or as little as they want.

3.      Demand StudiosDemand Studios bases its content around what consumers have shown an interest in reading about. Freelance writers will then write on topics and questions that need answers, as identified by the general public. This gives Demand Studios a unique approach of appealing to consumers while helping freelance writers gain exposure.

4.      SkywordSkyword is similar to Textbroker in that it allows writers to come in and write articles based on what the site’s partners have specified they need. Each writer is picked based on their specific expertise in their writing, giving the entire website diverse and experience-driven content. Once hired, the writers are trained on how to write most effectively for their medium, helping them achieve a successful writing edge.

5.      Guest post for other blogs – Aside from finding sites that will hire you to write, a great way to gain exposure is to guest post for other bloggers around the web. This allows aspiring writers to get their name out there, form relationships with other bloggers, and continually reach out to new audiences. [Editor’s note: visit the “contact” tab to submit a guest post for Charlotte’s Web].

Aspiring writers have the world at their fingertips thanks to the internet. Taking advantage of these different avenues can be instrumental to the growth and success of a writer, and should be taken advantage of to help get exposure and feedback.

About the Author: Debra Johnson is a blogger and editor at Nanny Payroll. She welcomes your comments by email:  jdebra84 [at]