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Co-Working Spaces: A Breeding Ground for Business Growth

LOOK LOCAL – York Region is bustling with innovative entrepreneurs, remote workers and freelancers who are making waves for the local economy. While they come from a range of experiences and backgrounds, most share one common quality: they’re used to working alone. After all, you don’t need a physical infrastructure to run a business. And while these hustlers have the flexibility to work from home, or from local restaurants, coffee shops, airports and hotel lobbies, there’s no disguising the fact that working for yourself can be an isolating act.
But it doesn’t have to be.

Newmarket has become the launching pad for two dynamic, yet diverse, co-working spaces that are changing the landscape of remote work.

LAUFT opened its doors at Upper Canada Mall this past December. The globally-driven brand is dedicated to making smart work by creating flexible workspaces where local entrepreneurs and freelancers can maximize their efficiencies and their time.

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